Your own customized mobile app!The world is going MOBILE! There are three things that a business needs today to compete; a telephone, a website, and a mobile app. eTech Alliance can already build you a website for an introductory price of $500. Now Facetime Apps, a division of eTech Alliance, can build you a custom mobile marketing app for $200, a fraction of the cost of most other app developers. (The national average cost is between $1,500 and $2,500.) CONTACT US NOW and let us explain how you can have your own mobile marketing app, deployed in both the iTunes store and the Android Play Store.

Current Work

Here is a sample of what we are currently working on. The real estate site is for M Streets Dallas. The realtor is showcasing the Tudor-style homes in an area of Dallas called the M Streets. He has several properties from the M Streets Dallas area on his site and is telling people about the M Streets Dallas real estate and available homes for sale.

M Streets Dallas

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